What I learned during my time as a virtual adult service provider.


If you’ve been on the internet the past year then you are probably familiar with the website OnlyFans. It’s a site that allows creators to post content that users have to subscribe to in order to view. While it doesn’t have to be used this way, most creators use it to post sexually explicit content. These creators have labeled themselves as “accounts” because nobody asks you questions when you say you’re an accountant.

While I haven’t been active in the past year, I do have a past in the industry. And not to brag or anything, but I had an…

and the hurtful reason why.

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“People who have been raped don’t enjoy sex.”

That’s the first thing my ex-boyfriend said when I told him that I had been sexually assaulted a few years prior to our relationship.

This conversation happened over text, which in hindsight does not feel like the most appropriate way to have such a serious conversation, but I was young and dumb. We make bad decisions when we’re nineteen. I remember the conversation vividly, well it was less of a conversation and more of an argument. I was in the bathtub at my parent’s house. …

Sharing a helpful skill I learned in behavior therapy

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If you are anything like me, then asking for what you want or need in a relationship can be challenging. For example, I find that I’m scared of upsetting my partner, causing a big argument, or having my request rejected, although I know that in most situations nothing negative would come from me being assertive and voicing my needs. This is because past experiences throughout my life have conditioned me to be anxious about asking for things I need when I am in a relationship.

However, I have recently started a Dialectical Behavior Therapy program (DBT) that has taught me…

I’ve been unsatisfied for much too long.

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Before we begin I want to say that the statements I make about men in this article do not apply to all men, but to a large enough majority that women have these experiences far too often.

This is for the ladies.

We’ve all been there. You’re getting intimate with a man. It’s getting hot and heavy. He reaches down to play with your…piano. He’s pressing all the keys, but for the life of him, he just can’t hit that one specific note that you want to hear. You wiggle around trying to help him get his finger…

Klaudia Kloss

Sex and Mental Health writer. Trying my best and healing a little more everyday.

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